# Barometers

Barometers measure atmospheric pressure, and are used in drones as altitude sensors.

Most flight controller hardware on which PX4 incudes a barometer. By default PX4 will select the barometer with the highest priority (if any are present), and configure it as a data source for Height estimation. If a sensor fault is detected, PX4 will fall back to the next highest priority sensor.

Generally barometers require no user configuration (or thought)!

# Hardware Options

Pixhawk standard flight controllers include a barometer, as do many others.

They are also present in other hardware:

The supported baro part numbers can be inferred from the driver names, which are listed in PX4-Autopilot/src/drivers/barometer (opens new window) and from the Modules Reference: Baro (Driver) documentation. At time of writing, drivers/parts include: bmp280, bmp388 (and BMP380), dps310, goertek (spl06), invensense (icp10100, icp10111, icp101xx, icp201xx), lps22hb, lps25h, lps33hw, maiertek (mpc2520), mpl3115a2, ms5611, ms5837, tcbp001ta

# PX4 Configuration

Generally barometers require no user configuration. If needed, you can:

# Calibration

Barometers don't require calibration.

# Developer Information