# Holybro Kopis 2

The Holybro Kopis 2 (opens new window) is a ready-to-fly racer quad for flying FPV or line-of-sight.

Kopis 2

# 购买渠道

The Kopis 2 can be bought from a number of vendors, including:


  • 一个遥控器以及接收机。 The Kopis 2 can ship with an FrSky receiver or no receiver at all.
  • LiPo battery and charger.
  • 如果你想进行 FPV飞行, 那你则需要一副 FPV眼镜。 除了Fatshark (opens new window) 以外,还有许多兼容的备选方案。 >注意 FPV支持是完全独立于PX4或者是其它的飞行控制器的。

# 刷写 Bootloader

The Kopis 2 comes preinstalled with Betaflight.

在刷 PX4 固件之前,您必须先安装 PX4 的bootloader。 Instructions for installing the bootloader can be found in the Kakute F7 topic (this is the flight controller board on the Kopis 2).

Tip You can always reinstall Betaflight later if you want!

# 安装配置

一旦安装了bootloader引导程序之后,您就可以通过USB接口连接 QGroundControl地面站

Note At time of writing Kopis 2 is supported on the QGroundControl Daily Build, and prebuilt firmware is provided for the master branch only (stable releases are not yet available).

安装和配置 PX4: