# Benewake TFmini LiDAR

The Benewake TFmini LiDAR (opens new window) is a tiny, low cost, and low power LIDAR with 12m range. It must be connected to a UART/serial bus.

TFmini LiDAR

# 硬件安装

TFmini can be connected to any unused serial port (UART), e.g.: TELEM2, TELEM3, GPS2 etc.

# Parameter Setup

Configure the serial port on which the lidar will run using SENS_TFMINI_CFG. There is no need to set the baud rate (this is hard coded in the sensor driver as only one rate is supported).

Note 如果配置参数在 QGroundControl 中不可用, 则可能需要 添加驱动程序到固件 </1 >: drivers/distance_sensor/tfmini