# Ainstein US-D1 Standard Radar Altimeter

Tip This supersedes the Aerotenna uLanding Radar (discontinued) but uses the same driver/setup.

The Ainstein US-D1 Standard Radar Altimeter (opens new window) is a compact microwave rangefinder that has been optimised for use on UAVs. With a sensing range of about 40 metres, it is useful for applications including terrain following, precision hovering (e.g. for photography), anti-collision sensing etc. Particular advantages of this product are that it can operate effectively in all weather conditions and over all terrain types (including water).

Ainstein US-DA

The rangefinder is not automatically included in most firmware, and hence cannot be used just by setting a parameter through QGroundControl (as is possible with some other rangefinders). To use it you will need to add the driver to firmware and update a configuration file to start the driver on boot. The sections below explain how.

# 硬件安装

The rangefinder is supported by any hardware which runs a NuttX or Posix OS and which can offer a serial port for the interface. Minimally this will include most, if not all, Pixhawk Series controllers.

US-D1 can be connected to any unused serial port (UART), e.g.: TELEM2, TELEM3, GPS2 etc.

# Parameter Setup

Configure the serial port on which the lidar will run using SENS_ULAND_CFG. 无需设置端口的波特率, 因为这是由驱动程序配置的。

或者 如果配置参数在 QGroundControl 中不可用, 则可能需要 添加驱动程序到固件 </1 >: drivers/distance_sensor/ulanding