MindRacer 210

MindRacer 210


A ready-to-fly racing beast running full PX4/MindPX stack. Can reach maximum 10:1 thrust-to-weight ratio!

MR210 uses MindRacer as flight controller. MR210 is a fully modularized, stackable RTF racing drone. The soldering-free SEP/WEP sockets allow pilots to quickly replace broken parts without the needs for soldering iron. Pilots can further easily customize the build by adding-to or replacing stacking parts to make a more powerful drone.


  1. True 'X', 4mm thick, 210mm diagonal carbon fiber frame.
  2. Stackable SEP/WEP sockets for soldering-free ESC connection and parts replacement.
  3. 30A/4S/OneShot enabled BLHeli ESC.
  4. 5V universal voltage supply for all avionics including camera and VTX.
  5. DroneCode standard compliant JST GH connectors.
  6. Have options for PPM/S.Bus/Specktrum DSM receiver

User Guide

The user guide is here.

Where to buy

MindRacer 210 is available at AirMind Store. You can also find MindRacer at Amazon or eBay.


Please visit http://www.mindpx.org for more information. Or you can send email to support@mindpx.net for any inquiries or help.

© PX4 Dev Team. License: CC BY 4.0            Updated: 2018-04-26 10:24:41

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