NanoMind 110

nanomind 11


Nano size (110mm diagonal) ready-to-fly quad copter for indoor flight/racing. NanoMind uses MindRacer as flight controller, which runs full PX4/MindPX flight stack.


  1. 36g empty weight, with maximum 80g take-off Weight, heavy lifter.
  2. 6~7 minutes flight time.
  3. built-in options for PPM/S.Bus/Specktrum DSM receiver.
  4. Soldering-free, fully stackable structure with SEP/WEP sockets for easy stacking and functional expansion.

User Guide

The user guide is here.

Flight video

Where to buy

NanoMind 110 is available at AirMind Store. You can also find MindRacer at Amazon or eBay.


Please visit for more information. Or you can send email to for any inquiries or help.

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