Land Flight Mode

The Land flight mode causes the vehicle to land at the position where the mode was engaged.

The specific behaviour for each vehicle type is described below.

This mode is automatic (RC control is disabled by default except to change modes).

Multi-Copter (MC)

The vehicle will land at the location at which the mode was engaged. The vehicle descends at the rate specified in MPC_LAND_SPEED until it hits the ground.

Landing is affected by the following parameters:

Parameter Description
MPC_LAND_SPEED The rate of descent during landing. This should be kept fairly low as the ground conditions are not known.

Fixed Wing (FW)

The vehicle will turn and lands at the location at which the mode was engaged. Fixed wing landing logic and parameters are explained in the topic: Landing (Fixed Wing).

Often a FW vehicle will follow a fixed landing trajectory to ground (it will not attempt a flared landing). This is because in LAND mode the vehicle may not know ground altitude and will assume it is at sea level. As ground level may be much higher a vehicle will often reach the ground at an altitude above where flare logic would be engaged.


A VTOL follows the LAND behavior and parameters of Fixed Wing when in FW mode, and of Multicopter when in MC mode. When NAV_FORCE_VT is set (default: on) a VTOL in FW mode will transition back to MC just before landing.

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