FrSky Telemetry

PX4 supports D (old) and S (new) FrSky telemetry. FMUv4 based boards (Pixracer) include the required electronics for the interface, older boards (Pixhawk) need a UART to S.PORT adapter board.


FrSky telemetry auto-starts on Pixracer and detects D or S mode, there is no need to configure anything.

For receivers with D-port (D4R-II and similar): Connect the Pixracer FrSky TX line to the D4R-II RX line. Also connect GND.

For receivers with S-port: Connect the Pixracer FrSky TX and RX lines together (solder the wires together) to the X series receiver's S.port pin. Also connect GND.

LuaPilot: Telemetry Screen on the Taranis

If you have a Taranis that can receive the telemetry stream (e.g. a Taranis X9D Plus), you can install a script that shows you a nice overview of the received telemetry:

You can see:

  • Current flight mode
  • GPS fix
  • Vehicle heading
  • Battery level
  • RC signal strength
  • Current speed and altitude
  • and more

Once you have the hardware connected, follow the instructions on, Section Taranis Setup OpenTX.

If you open the LuaPil.lua script with a text editor, you can edit the configuration. Suggested modifications:

local BattLevelmAh = -1  -- use the battery level calculation from the vehicle
local SayFlightMode = 0  -- there are no WAV files for the PX4 flight modes

Cable/adapter sources

Ready-made cables (which include the required adapters) are available from:

  • Craft and Theory. Versions are available with DF-13 compatible PicoBlade connectors (for FMUv2/3DR Pixhawk, FMUv2/HKPilot32) and JST-GH connectors (for FMUv3/Pixhawk 2 "The Cube" and FMUv4/PixRacer v1).

    Purchase cable here from Craft and Theory

UART to S.PORT adapters can be sourced from:

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