LeddarOne Lidar

As time of writing this is not in the master codeline. Track its inclusion through #8409.

LeddarOne is small-size Lidar module with a narrow, yet diffuse beam that offers excellent overall detection range and performance, in a robust, reliable, cost-effective package. It has a sensing range from 1cm to 40m and needs to be connected to a UART/serial bus.

The rangefinder is not automatically included in most firmware, and hence cannot be used just by setting a parameter through QGroundControl (as is possible with some other rangefinders). To use it you will need to add the driver to firmware and update a configuration file to start the driver on boot. The sections below explain how.

LeddarOne Lidar rangefinder

Supporting LeddarOne in Firmware

Add the following line to the cmake config file which corresponds to the target you want to build for:


Start the Driver

Update the system to start the driver for the radar during system startup. You can simply add the following line to an extras.txt file located on your SD card.

leddar_one start -d /dev/serial_port

In the above command you will have to replace the last argument with the id of the serial port used to connect the hardware.

If you are connecting to TELEM2 then set the parameter SYS_COMPANION to 0. Otherwise the serial port may be used by another application and you will get unexpected behaviour.

Hardware Setup

You can connect to any free serial port (e.g. TELEM2), but you will need to start the driver on this port (as above). Just build a cable following your board pinout and LeddarOne pinout you only will need to connect 5V, TX, RX and GND pins.

Further Information

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