WiFi Telemetry Radio

WiFi telemetry enables MAVLink communication between a WiFi radio on a vehicle and a GCS. WiFi typically offers shorter range than a normal telemetry radio, but supports higher data rates, and makes it easier to support FPV/video feeds. Usually only a single radio unit for the vehicle is needed (assuming the ground station already has WiFi).

PX4 supports telemetry via UDP and Wifi. It broadcasts a heartbeat to port 14550 on until it receives the first heartbeat from a ground control station, at which point it will only send data to this ground control station.

3DR WiFi Telemetry

The 3DR WiFi Telemetry Radio is supported by PX4. Simply connect it to the flight controller's TELEM1 port to create a WiFi "hotspot" for the vehicle with the details below:

essid: APM_PIX
password: 12345678

Connect your ground control station to the above WiFi SSID. After connecting the vehicle should automatically be detected and connect to QGroundControl.

3DR Wifi Telemetry Radio 1 3DR Wifi Telemetry Radio 2

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