# Land Mode

The Land flight mode causes the vehicle to land at the position where the mode was engaged. After landing, vehicles will disarm after a short timeout (by default).


  • This mode requires a valid global position estimate (from GPS or inferred from a local position).
  • In a failsafe the mode only requires altitude (typically a barometer is built into the flight controller).
  • This mode is automatic - no user intervention is required to control the vehicle.
  • RC control switches can be used to change flight modes on any vehicle.
  • RC stick movement in a multicopter (or VTOL in multicopter mode) will by default change the vehicle to Position mode unless handling a critical battery failsafe.
  • The mode can be triggered using the MAV_CMD_DO_LAND_START (opens new window) MAVLink command, or by explicitly switching to Land mode.

The specific behaviour for each vehicle type is described below.

# Multi-Copter (MC)

The vehicle will land at the location at which the mode was engaged. The vehicle descends at the rate specified in MPC_LAND_SPEED and will disarm after landing (by default).

RC stick movement will change the vehicle to Position mode (by default).

Landing is affected by the following parameters:

Parameter Description
MPC_LAND_SPEED The rate of descent during landing. This should be kept fairly low as the ground conditions are not known.
COM_DISARM_LAND Time-out for auto disarm after landing, in seconds. If set to -1 the vehicle will not disarm on landing.
COM_RC_OVERRIDE Controls whether stick movement on a multicopter (or VTOL in MC mode) causes a mode change to Position mode. This can be separately enabled for auto modes and for offboard mode, and is enabled in auto modes by default.
COM_RC_STICK_OV The amount of stick movement that causes a transition to Position mode (if COM_RC_OVERRIDE is enabled).

# Fixed-wing (FW)


Fixed-wing Land mode is currently broken: PX4-Autopilot/pull/21036 (opens new window). (Specifically, switching to Land mode causes a fly-away.)

Automated landing in missions is supported: Mission mode > Fixed wing mission landing.


A VTOL follows the LAND behavior and parameters of Fixed Wing when in FW mode, and of Multicopter when in MC mode. When NAV_FORCE_VT is set (default: on) a VTOL in FW mode will transition back to MC just before landing.