# position_setpoint (UORB message)

this file is only used in the position_setpoint triple as a dependency

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# this file is only used in the position_setpoint triple as a dependency

uint64 timestamp		# time since system start (microseconds)

uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_POSITION=0	# position setpoint
uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_VELOCITY=1	# velocity setpoint
uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_LOITER=2	# loiter setpoint
uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_TAKEOFF=3	# takeoff setpoint
uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_LAND=4	# land setpoint, altitude must be ignored, descend until landing
uint8 SETPOINT_TYPE_IDLE=5	# do nothing, switch off motors or keep at idle speed (MC)


bool valid			# true if setpoint is valid
uint8 type			# setpoint type to adjust behavior of position controller

float32 vx			# local velocity setpoint in m/s in NED
float32 vy			# local velocity setpoint in m/s in NED
float32 vz			# local velocity setpoint in m/s in NED
bool velocity_valid		# true if local velocity setpoint valid
uint8 velocity_frame		# to set velocity setpoints in NED or body
bool alt_valid		# do not set for 3D position control. Set to true if you want z-position control while doing vx,vy velocity control.

float64 lat			# latitude, in deg
float64 lon			# longitude, in deg
float32 alt			# altitude AMSL, in m
float32 yaw			# yaw (only for multirotors), in rad [-PI..PI), NaN = hold current yaw
bool yaw_valid			# true if yaw setpoint valid

float32 yawspeed		# yawspeed (only for multirotors, in rad/s)
bool yawspeed_valid		# true if yawspeed setpoint valid

float32 loiter_radius		# loiter radius (only for fixed wing), in m
bool loiter_direction_counter_clockwise # loiter direction is clockwise by default and can be changed using this field

float32 acceptance_radius   # navigation acceptance_radius if we're doing waypoint navigation

float32 cruising_speed		# the generally desired cruising speed (not a hard constraint)
bool gliding_enabled		# commands the vehicle to glide if the capability is available (fixed wing only)
float32 cruising_throttle	# the generally desired cruising throttle (not a hard constraint), only has an effect for rover

bool disable_weather_vane   # VTOL: disable (in auto mode) the weather vane feature that turns the nose into the wind