# mission_result (UORB message)

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uint64 timestamp                # time since system start (microseconds)
uint8 MISSION_EXECUTION_MODE_NORMAL = 0 # Execute the mission according to the planned items
uint8 MISSION_EXECUTION_MODE_REVERSE = 1    # Execute the mission in reverse order, ignoring commands and converting all waypoints to normal ones
uint8 MISSION_EXECUTION_MODE_FAST_FORWARD = 2   # Execute the mission as fast as possible, for example converting loiter waypoints to normal ones

uint32 instance_count       # Instance count of this mission. Increments monotonically whenever the mission is modified

int32 seq_reached       # Sequence of the mission item which has been reached, default -1
uint16 seq_current      # Sequence of the current mission item
uint16 seq_total        # Total number of mission items

bool valid          # true if mission is valid
bool warning            # true if mission is valid, but has potentially problematic items leading to safety warnings
bool finished           # true if mission has been completed
bool failure            # true if the mission cannot continue or be completed for some reason

bool stay_in_failsafe       # true if the commander should not switch out of the failsafe mode
bool flight_termination     # true if the navigator demands a flight termination from the commander app

bool item_do_jump_changed   # true if the number of do jumps remaining has changed
uint16 item_changed_index   # indicate which item has changed
uint16 item_do_jump_remaining   # set to the number of do jumps remaining for that item

uint8 execution_mode    # indicates the mode in which the mission is executed