UAVCAN Logo UAVCAN (opens new window) is an onboard network which allows the autopilot to connect to avionics/peripherals. It uses rugged, differential signalling, and supports firmware upgrades over the bus and status feedback from peripherals.

UAVCAN (opens new window)는 보드상에서 처리하는 네트워크로 자동 항법 장치를 항공 전자장비에 연결할 수 있게 합니다. 다음 하드웨어를 지원합니다: :::

# 초기 설정

It supports hardware like:

다음 설명을 통해 쿼드콥터로의 ESC 장비와 GPS의 UAVCAN 연결 및 설정 방법을 단계별로 안내합니다. 선택한 하드웨어는 Pixhawk 2.1, Zubax Orel 20 ESCs, Zubax GNSS GPS 입니다.

# 노드 펌웨어 업그레이드

처음 단계에서 할 일은 UAVCAN을 활성화한 모든 장치와 비행 제어 장치의 연결입니다. 다음 그림은 모든 부품에 대한 결선 방법을 보여줍니다.

The following diagram shows this for a flight controller connected to UAVCAN motor controllers (ESCs) and a UAVCAN GNSS.


그 다음, UAVCAN 설정의 지침에 따라 펌웨어에서 UAVCAN 기능을 켜십시오. 전원을 끊은 후 다시 연결하십시오.

For more information about proper bus connections see UAVCAN Device Interconnection (opens new window) (Zubax KB).


  • While the connections are the same, the connectors may differ across devices.
  • An second/redundant" CAN interface may be used, as shown above (CAN2). This is optional, but can increase the robustness of the connection.

# 모터 컨트롤러 기수 부여 및 설정

In order to use UAVCAN components with PX4 you will first need to enable the UAVCAN driver:

  1. Power the vehicle using the battery (you must power the whole vehicle, not just the flight controller) and connect QGroundControl.

  2. Navigate to the Vehicle Setup > Parameters screen.

  3. UAVCAN_ENABLE must be set to one of the non-zero values.

    The values are:

    • 0: UAVCAN driver disabled.
    • 1: Sensors Manual Config.
    • 2: Sensors Automatic Config.
    • 3: Sensors and Actuators (ESCs) Automatic Config

    Use 1 if none of the connected UAVCAN devices support automatic configuration (check the manual!), 2 or 3 if some of them support automatic configuration, and 3 if you're using UAVCAN ESCs (this assigns motor controls to the UAVCAN bus rather than PWM).

ID와 각 모터 컨트롤러의 회전 방향은 간단한 설치 루틴에서 설치 과정을 마친 후 할당할 수 있습니다: UAVCAN 노드 기수 부여. QGroundControl에서는 사용자가 과정을 시작할 수 있습니다. :::

Most UAVCAN sensors require no further setup (they are plug'n'play, unless specifically noted in their documentation).

UAVCAN motor controllers (ESCs) additionally require the motor order be set, and may require a few other parameters be set. Whether this can be done using the simple QGroundControl setup UI depends on the type of ESC (see link for information).

# 참고할만한 링크

# 결선

PX4 requires an SD card for UAVCAN node allocation and during firmware update (which happen during boot). Check that there is a (working) SD card present and reboot.

# 펌웨어 설치

If the PX4 Firmware arms but the motors do not start to rotate, check that parameter UAVCAN_ENABLE=3 to use UAVCAN ESCs. If the motors do not start spinning before thrust is increased, check UAVCAN_ESC_IDLT=1.

# Developer Information

  • UAVCAN Development: Topics related to development and integration of new UAVCAN hardware into PX4.