# MindRacer Hardware

Warning PX4 不生产这款且也不生产任何自动驾驶仪。 若需要硬件支持或咨询合规问题,请联系 制造商 (opens new window)

The AirMind® MindRacer (opens new window) series is a fully stackable flight platform for miniature UAVs. The platform currently has two RTF vehicles: MindRacer 210 and NanoMind 110.


Note This flight controller is manufacturer supported.

# 总览

MindRacer is a fully stackable flight platform for miniature UAVs. Based on MindPX, MindRacer further scales down in formfactor while focused on providing modularity. MindRacer is a platform rather than a flight controller.

MindRacer implements the SEP (soldering-elimination-port) and WEP (wiring-elimination-protocol) concepts. Before SEP and WEP, soldering and wiring are always the major pain and efficiency killer during UAV manufacturing and tuning.

Note The main hardware documentation is here (opens new window).

  • Ultra mini size, weight ~6g
  • High performance STM32F427 168MHz floating point processor, super fast throttle response
  • Support OneShot ESC
  • Support PPM/SBUS/DSM radio receivers, support D.Port/S.Port/Wifi telemetry
  • On board flight data recorder
  • Support IMU isolation
  • DroneCode® standard compliance connector
Item 描述
Flight controller/Processor F427VIT6
重量 ~6g
Dimension 35x35mm
PWM Outputs maximum 6
IMU isolation YES/Optional
Telemetry FrSky® D.Port, S.Port, Wifi, 3DR radio
On board TF card for flight data recording YES
OneShot ESC Support YES
Expansion Slots 2x7(pin)x2
On board Real time clock YES
Connector JST GH(compliance with DroneCode standard)

# Quick Start

# Pin-out Map

Mindracer pinout

# How to Build

Tip 多数用户不需要自己构建固件! 它是预构建的,并在连接适当的硬件时由 QGroundControl 自动安装。

为此目标 编译 PX4

make airmind_mindpx-v2_default

# Companion PC Connection

MindRacer has an attached Adapt IO board.

Attached Adapt IO board

MindRacer has a built-in UART-to-USB converter. To connect a companion computer, stack MindRacer on an interface board, and connect the companion computer to the USB port on the interface board.

And the max BAUD rate is the same with px4 family, which is up to 921600.

# User Guide

Note The user guide is here (opens new window)

# 在哪里买

MindRacer is available at AirMind Store (opens new window). You can also find MindRacer at Amazon® or eBay®.

# 技术支持

Please visit http://www.mindpx.org for more information. Or you can send email to support@mindpx.net for any inquiries or help.