Holybro H-RTK M8P GNSS

The Holybro H-RTK M8P GNSS is an RTK GNSS module series for the mass market. This family is similar to the H-RTK M9P series but uses the smaller, lighter, and less expensive M8P Ublox RTK GNSS module (which still provides far superior position resolution than previous generations_.

There are three models of Holybro H-RTK M8P to choose from, each with different antenna design to meet different needs. Refer to the Specification and Model Comparison section for more details.

Using RTK allows PX4 to get its position with centimeter-level accuracy, which is much more accurate than can be provided by a normal GPS.




RTK setup and use on PX4 via QGroundControl is largely plug and play (see RTK GPS for more information).

Wiring and Connections

All H-RTK GNSS models come with a GH 10-pin connector/cable that is compatible with Pixhawk 4.

The cables/connectors may need to be modified in order to connect to other flight controller boards (see pin mapbelow).

Pin Map


Specification and Model Comparison


GPS Accessories

H-RTK Accessories (Holybro Website)


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