# Modules Reference: Transponder (Driver)

# sagetech_mxs

Source: drivers/transponder/sagetech_mxs (opens new window)

### Description

This driver integrates the Sagetech MXS Certified Transponder to send and receive ADSB messages and traffic.

### Examples

Attempt to start driver on a specified serial device.
$ sagetech_mxs start -d /dev/ttyS1
Stop driver
$ sagetech_mxs stop
Set Flight ID (8 char max)
$ sagetech_mxs flight_id MXS12345
Set MXS Operating Mode
$ sagetech_mxs opmode off/on/stby/alt
$ sagetech_mxs opmode 0/1/2/3
Set the Squawk Code
$ sagetech_mxs squawk 1200

# Usage

sagetech_mxs <command> [arguments...]
   start         Start driver
     -d <val>    Serial device

   stop          Stop driver

   flightid      Set Flight ID (8 char max)

   ident         Set the IDENT bit in ADSB-Out messages

   opmode        Set the MXS operating mode. ('off', 'on', 'stby', 'alt', or
                 numerical [0-3])

   squawk        Set the Squawk Code. [0-7777] Octal (no digit larger than 7)