# Safety Points (Rally Points)

Safety points are alternative Return Mode destinations/landing points. When enabled, the vehicle will choose the closest return destination of: home location, mission landing pattern or a safety point.

Safety Points

# Creating/Defining Safety Points

Safety points are created in QGroundControl (which calls them "Rally Points").

At high level:

  1. Open QGroundControl > Plan View
  2. Select the Rally tab/button on the Plan Editor (right of screen).
  3. Select the Rally Point button on the toolbar (left of screen).
  4. Click anywhere on the map to add a rally/safety point.
    • The Plan Editor displays and lets you edit the current rally point (shown as a green R on the map).
    • You can select another rally point (shown as a more orange/yellow R on the map) to edit it instead.
  5. Select the Upload Required button to upload the rally points (along with any mission and geofence) to the vehicle.


More complete documentation can be found in the QGroundControl User Guide: Plan View - Rally Points (opens new window).

# Using Safety Points

Safety points are not enabled by default (there are a number of different Return Mode Types).

To enable safety points:

  1. Use the QGroundControl Parameter Editor to set parameter: RTL_TYPE=3.