# Support

This section shows how you can get help from the core dev team and the wider community.

# Forums and Chat

The core development team and community are active on the following forums and chat channels.


Post on PX4 Discuss (opens new window) first! If you don't get a response in a few days then ping us on Slack with a link to your question (on discuss).

Discuss is better than slack in the first instance because questions and answers are permanent.

# Diagnosing Problems

If you are unsure what the problem is and you need help diagnosing

# Issue & Bug Reporting

# Weekly Dev Call


Developers are most welcome to attend the weekly dev call (and other developer events) to engage more deeply with the project.

The Dev Call is a weekly meeting attended by the PX4 dev team to discuss platform technical details, coordinate activities and perform in-depth analysis.

There is also space in the agenda to discuss pull requests, major impacting issues and Q&A.

# Tests Flights

The Dronecode test team can help review (test flight) your pull requests and provide feedback and logs.

See Test Flights for information about available test vehicles/autopilots, how to request flights, and response times.

# General Support