# Test MC_02 - Full Autonomous

# Create and upload mission

❏ Mission Criteria

    ❏ Auto take-off

    ❏ Changes in Altitude throughout the mission

    ❏ First waypoint set to Takeoff

    ❏ Enable Mission End RTL

    ❏ Duration of 5 to 6 minutes

❏ Upload mission to vehicle using QGroundControl

# Arm and Take-off

❏ Arm in any manual mode

❏ Engage Auto to trigger take-off

❏ Observe tracking, cornering and proper RTL performance

❏ Upon touching ground, copter should disarm automatically within 2 seconds (disarm time set by parameter: COM_DISARM_LAND)

# Expected Results

  • Take-off should be smooth as throttle is raised
  • Mission should upload on first attempt
  • Vehicle should automatically take-off upon engaging Auto
  • Upon landing, copter should not bounce on the ground