# MindRacer 210

MindRacer 210

# Summary

A ready-to-fly racing beast running full PX4/MindPX stack. Can reach maximum 10:1 thrust-to-weight ratio!

MR210 uses MindRacer as flight controller. MR210 is a fully modularized, stackable RTF racing drone. The soldering-free SEP/WEP sockets allow pilots to quickly replace broken parts without the needs for soldering iron. Pilots can further easily customize the build by adding-to or replacing stacking parts to make a more powerful drone.

# Highlights

  1. True 'X', 4mm thick, 210mm diagonal carbon fiber frame.
  2. Stackable SEP/WEP sockets for soldering-free ESC connection and parts replacement.
  3. 30A/4S/OneShot enabled BLHeli ESC.
  4. 5V universal voltage supply for all avionics including camera and VTX.
  5. DroneCode® standard compliant JST GH connectors.
  6. Have options for PPM/S.Bus/Specktrum DSM receiver

# User Guide


The user guide is here (opens new window).

# Where to buy

MindRacer 210 is available at AirMind Store (opens new window). You can also find MindRacer at Amazon® or eBay®.

# Support

Please visit http://www.mindpx.org for more information. Or you can send email to support@mindpx.net for any inquiries or help.