# DJI Matrice 100 (Pixhawk 1)

The DJI® Matrice quadcopter is a fully customizable and programmable flight platform. This build log provides build and configuration instructions for using the frame with the 3DR Pixhawk flight controller.

Key information:

  • Frame: DJI Matrice 100
  • Flight controller: Pixhawk 1

DJI Matrice 100

# Parts List

# Motor Connections

See the Pixhawk Wiring Quickstart for autopilot assembly instructions.

# Wiring Diagram

![Connections](../../assets/airframes/multicopter/matrice100/Wiring Diagram.jpg)

# Wiring Harness

Wiring Harness

# PWM Connections

PWM Connections

# Other views



No Stack

No Top Deck

# Autopilot Outputs

Output Rate Actuator
MAIN1 400 Hz Front right, CCW
MAIN2 400 Hz Back left, CCW
MAIN3 400 Hz Front left, CW
MAIN4 400 Hz Back right, CW
AUX1 50 Hz RC AUX1
AUX2 50 Hz RC AUX2
AUX3 50 Hz RC AUX3

# Parameters

  • At high throttle the inner loop causes oscillations with default x quad gains. At low throttle, higher gains give a better response, this suggests that some gain scheduling based on the throttle may improve the overall response and this could be implemented in mc_att_control. For now we will just tune it so that there are no oscillations at low or high throttle, and take the bandwidth hit at low throttle.
    • MC_PITCHRATE_P: 0.05
    • MC_PITCHRATE_D: 0.001
  • The battery has 6 cells instead of the default 3
    • BAT_N_CELLS: 6

# Video