# E-Flite Convergence 倾转旋翼 (Pixfalcon)

The E-Flite Convergence (opens new window) can easily be converted to a fully autonomous VTOL with PX4. There is not much space but it's enough for a Pixfalcon flight controller with GPS and telemetry.


The original Horizon Hobby E-Flite Convergence (opens new window) frame and Pixfalcon have been discontinued. Alternatives are provided in the Purchase section.

# Purchase

Vehicle frame options:

Flight controller options ():

# Hardware Setup

The vehicle needs 7 PWM signals, which must be connected to the flight controller outputs as specified in Airframe Reference > VTOL Tiltrotor > E-flite Convergence. This mapping is reproduced below.

Port 接口定义
MAIN 1 右电机
MAIN 2 左电机
MAIN 3 尾电机
MAIN 5 右倾转舵机
MAIN 6 左倾转舵机
MAIN 7 右翼升降舵
MAIN 8 左翼升降舵

Note that left and right in the reference are defined from the perspective of a human pilot inside a real plane (or looking from above, as shown below):

# Flight Controller

The flight controller can be mounted at the same place the original autopilot was.

Mount Pixfalcon

# Telemetry Radio

The telemetry module fits into the bay meant to hold FPV transmission gear.

Mount telemetry module


For the GPS we cut out a section of foam inside the "cockpit". That way the GPS can be put inside the body and is nicely stowed away without compromising the vehicle appearance.

Mount GPS

# PX4 Configuration

Follow the Standard Configuration in QGroundControl (radio, sensors, flight modes, etc.).

The particular settings that are relevant to this vehicle are: