# Drotek XL RTK GPS

The Drotek XL RTK GPS receiver (opens new window) is a competitively priced RTK GPS module that can be configured as either base or rover. 使用RTK,PX4控制器可以获取到它的位置,并且这个位置的精度可以达到厘米级的精度,这比普通GPS提供的位置更加精确。

# 购买

Drotek XL RTK (opens new window) (drotek.com)

# 配置

RTK setup and use on PX4 via QGroundControl is largely plug and play (see RTK GPS for more information).


The Drotek UCenter tool is not required for configuration - everything is handled by QGroundControl.

# 接线和连接

The module inputs/outputs are shown here (opens new window) (Drotek docs)