# CUAV HV PM (High-Voltage Power Module)

The CUAV® HV_PM power module is a "high voltage" power module independently developed by CUAV.

Tip The HV_PM is included in the CUAV V5+/V5 nano kit, but is also be sold separately. There are different cables depending on the flight controller (Pixhack v3, V5+/V5 nano, Pixhawk). It can be used with other flight controllers, but you may need to modify the cable pin.

# Specifications

  • Higher voltage input: 10V-60V (3s~14s battery)
  • Accurate battery monitor:
    • Voltage detection accuracy: +-0.1v;
    • Current detection accuracy: +-0.2A
  • BEC (5v) max current: 5A
  • Max (detection) current: 60A
  • Max output current (ESC/MOTOR PORT): 60A

# Purchase

CUAV aliexpress store (opens new window)

# Pinouts


# Enable HV PM

Battery and Power Module Setup describes how to configure the battery and power module.

The key configuration settings for HV_PM are:

  • Voltage divider: 18
  • Amps per volt: 24 A/V