# Test MC_05 - Indoor Flight (Manual Modes)

# When to Use This Test Card

  • New build maiden flight
  • When required to replicate an issue in a confined area
  • Experimental builds that might have stability issues
  • Testing hardware that has been replaced and/or modified

# Arm and Take-off

❏ Set flight mode to stabilize and Arm

❏ Take-off by raising the throttle

# Flight

❏ Stabilized

    ❏ Pitch/Roll/Yaw response 1:1

    ❏ Throttle response 1:1

❏ Altitude

    ❏ Vertical position should hold current value with stick centered

    ❏ Pitch/Roll/Yaw response 1:1

    ❏ Throttle response set to Climbs/Descend rate

# Landing

❏ Land in either Stabilized or Altitude mode with the throttle below 40%

❏ Upon touching ground, copter should disarm automatically within 2 seconds (disarm time set by parameter: COM_DISARM_LAND)

# Expected Results

  • Take-off should be smooth as throttle is raised
  • No oscillations should present in any of the above flight modes
  • Upon landing, copter should not bounce on the ground