# BetaFPV Beta75X 2S 穿越机

BetaFPV的这款Beta75X 小型四旋翼穿越机, 可以进行室内或室外的FPV飞行或者是肉眼直飞。

BetaFPV Beta75X

# 购买渠道

The Beta75X can be bought from a number of vendors, including:


  • 一个遥控器以及接收机。 Beta75X can ship with a number of receivers. PX4 能够兼容这些版本的接收机, 但请务必选择与您的遥控器 匹配的版本。

  • 锂电池充电器 (飞机发货时包含一块电池, 但你可能想要额外备用的)。

  • FPV goggles if you want to fly FPV. There are many compatible options, including these ones from Fatshark (opens new window).


FPV support is completely independent of PX4/flight controller. :::

# 刷写 Bootloader

The Beta75X comes preinstalled with Betaflight.

在刷 PX4 固件之前,您必须先安装 PX4 的bootloader。 Instructions for installing the bootloader can be found in the Omnibus F4 topic (this is the flight controller board on the Beta75X).


You can always reinstall Betaflight later if you want!

# 安装配置

Once the bootloader is installed, you should be able to connect the vehicle to QGroundControl via a USB cable.


At time of writing Omnibus F4 is supported on the QGroundControl Daily Build, and prebuilt firmware is provided for the master branch only (stable releases are not yet available).

To install and configure PX4:

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