# AirSim 仿真

AirSim 是一款开源、跨平台的无人机仿真器,基于虚幻引擎开发。 它提供物理上和视觉上都非常逼真的Pixhawk/PX4仿真,无论是硬件在环(HITL)或是软件在环(SITL)。

@文档的主要切入点是 Github AirSim README (opens new window)

# 更多信息

PX4 Setup for AirSim (opens new window) describes how to use PX4 with AirSim using both SITL (opens new window) and HITL (opens new window).

# Videos

# AirSim with PX4 on WSL 2


2 is not a supported PX4 Windows development environment, mainly because it is non-trivial to display simulator UIs running within WSL 2 in the normal Windows environment. This limitation does not apply for AirSim because its UI is run natively in Windows.

# Microsoft AirSim: Applications to Research and Industry (PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020)

# Autonomous Drone Inspections using AirSim and PX4 (PX4 Developer Summit Virtual 2020)

# Further Information