# Spedix S250AQ

The Spedix S250 is a asymmetric racing quadcopter perfectly suited for the Pixracer autopilot.

# 硬件

The hardware required for this build is displayed below.

Spedix s250 components (unassembled)

# Mounting and Wiring

Connect GPS and the Wifi module as shown in the Pixracer instructions.

Connect the motors in the layout and order defined in the Airframe Reference, and as reproduced below.

  • MAIN1: motor1 (front right: CCW)
  • MAIN2: motor2 (back left: CCW)
  • MAIN3: motor3 (front left: CW)
  • MAIN4: motor4 (back right: CW)
  • MAIN5: feed-through of RC AUX1 channel
  • MAIN6: feed-through of RC AUX2 channel

# Airframe Configuration

Select the Quadrotor asymmetric Spedix S250AQ configuration as shown below. This will not only put PX4 into quadrotor mode, but also load decent default tuning gains.

QGC - COnfigure airframe as for Spedix250aq