# Femtones MINI2 Receiver

MINI2 Receiver (opens new window) is an RTK GPS receiver that delivers high-rate and reliable RTK initialization for centimeter level positioning. It is intended for applications that requre high-precision positioning (e.g. navigation and mapping, etc.).

The receiver is connected to PX4 via a serial port (UART) and may be configured over Ethernet using a standard web browser.

MINI II Receiver

PX4 drivers for Ethernet, CAN and USB are under development.

# Required Firmware Options

The following firmware options need to be selected when buying the device:

  • 5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz
  • INS
  • OBS
  • RTK
  • BASE

# 采购

Contact Femtones (opens new window) directly for sales quote:

# Functional Ports


# 接线和连接

The MINI2 Receiver (opens new window) is connected to a UART on the flight controller (GPS port) for data. To power the module you will need a separate 12V power supply. The pins on the 12-pin connector are numbered as shown below.


# 配置

For heading estimation the two antennas need to be on the same level and at least 30 cm apart from each other. The direction that they are facing does not matter as it can be configured with the GPS_YAW_OFFSET parameter.

Configure the serial port on which the MINI2 Receiver (opens new window) will run using GPS_1_CONFIG, and set the baud rate to 115200 using SER_GPS1_BAUD.

Once configured the receiver is used in the same way as any other RTK GPS (i.e. with respect to the Survey-in process).

# 附加信息

The MINI2 incorporates the following components:

  • FB672 (opens new window): Compact, dual antenna, dual frequency GNSS OEM board (delivers centimeter accurate position and precise heading).


  • FB6A0 (opens new window): Compact, quadruple frequency GNSS OEM board (delivers centimeter-accurate positioning)


Detailed product instructions can be obtained on the official website or by contacting us.