# UAVCAN Development

This topic/section has information that is relevant to developers who want to add support for new UAVCAN (opens new window) hardware to the PX4 Autopilot.


Hardware > UAVCAN Peripherals contains information about using existing/supported UAVCAN components with PX4.

# Upgrading Node Firmware

The PX4 middleware will automatically upgrade firmware on UAVCAN nodes if the matching firmware is supplied. The process and requirements are described on the UAVCAN Firmware page.

# Debugging with Zubax Babel

A great tool to debug the transmission on the UAVCAN bus is the Zubax Babel (opens new window) in combination with the GUI tool (opens new window).

They can also be used independently from Pixhawk hardware in order to test a node or manually control UAVCAN enabled ESCs.