# Gazebo 世界(Worlds)

本主题提供 PX4 支持的 Gazebo 世界的有关图像/信息。

The empty.world is spawned by default, though this may be overridden by a model specific world. Developers can also manually specify the world to load: Gazebo Simulation > Loading a Specific World.

所支持世界的源代码可在 GitHub 上找到:PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds (opens new window)

# Empty (Default)

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/empty.world (opens new window)


# 海湾

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/baylands.world (opens new window)


# KSQL 机场

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/ksql_airport.world (opens new window)


# 麦克米兰机场

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/mcmillan_airfield.world (opens new window)


# 索诺玛赛道

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/sonoma_raceway.world (opens new window) Sonoma_Raceway

# 仓库

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/warehouse.world (opens new window)


# 约塞米蒂

PX4/sitl_gazebo/worlds/yosemite.world (opens new window)


# Model Specific Worlds

Some vehicle models rely on the physics / plugins of a specific world. The PX4 toolchain will automatically spawn a world that has the same name as the vehicle model if one exists (instead of the default empty.world):

The model specific worlds are: