# MindPX Hardware


PX4 does not manufacture this (or any) autopilot. Contact the manufacturer (opens new window) for hardware support or compliance issues.

The AirMind® MindPX (opens new window) series is a new generation autopilot system branched from Pixhawk®.

MindPX Controller


These flight controllers are manufacturer supported.

# Quick Summary


The main hardware documentation is here (opens new window).

MindPX is a new generation autopilot system branched from Pixhawk®, been revised in schematic and structure, and been further enhanced with new features to make un-manned vehicle more smart and more friendly to use.

MindPX increases total PWM output channels to 16 (8 main outputs + 8 aux outputs). This means that MindPX can support more complicated VTOL configurations and more fine control. It is especially meaningful for those FMU-V4 based flight controllers as MindPX implements main and aux output in one single FMU.

  • Main System-on-Chip: STM32F427

    • CPU: 32bits, 168 MHz ARM Cortex® M4 with FPU
    • RAM: 256 KB SRAM
    • 2MB Flash
    • ST Micro LSM303D 14 bit accelerometer/magnetometer
    • MEAS MS5611 barometer
    • InvenSense® MPU6500 integrated 6-axis sensors
  • Highlighted features:

    • CNC processed aluminum alloy case, light and solid
    • Built-in isolated IMU redundancy
    • Total 16 PWM output channel (8 main + 8 aux)
    • 1 extra I2C port for flow connection.
    • 1 extra USB port for companion computer connection (built-in UART-to-USB converter)
    • Exposed debug port for development

# Quick Start

# Mounting

MindPX Mounting

# Wiring

MindPX Wiring 1

MindPX Wiring 2

# Pin

MindPX Pinout

Num. Description Num. Description
1 Power 9 I2C2 (MindFLow)
2 Debug (refresh bootloader) 10 USB2 (Serial 2 to USB)
3 USB1 (refresh firmware) 11 UART4,5
4 Reset 12 UART1 (Telemetry)
5 UART3 (GPS) 13 CAN
6 I2C1(external compass) 14 ADC
7 TF card slot 15 Tricolor Light
8 NRF/SPI(Remote Control) 16 Looper

# Radio Receiver

MindPX supports a wide variety of radio receivers (since V2.6) including: PPM/SBUS/DSM/DSM2/DSMX. MindPX also support FrSky® bi-direction telemetry D and S.Port.

For detailed Pin diagram, please refer to the User Guide (opens new window).

# Building Firmware


Most users will not need to build this firmware! It is pre-built and automatically installed by QGroundControl when appropriate hardware is connected.

To build PX4 for this target:

make airmind_mindpx-v2_default

# Companion PC connection

MindPX has a USB-TO-UART Bridge IC on the board. A micro-USB to USB type A cable is used for the connection. Connect micro-USB end to the 'OBC' port of MindPX and USB type A end to companion computer.

And the max BAUD rate is the same with px4 family, which is up to 921600.

# User Guide


The user guide is here (opens new window).

# Where to Buy

MindRacer is available at AirMind Store (opens new window) on internet. You can also find MindRacer at Amazon® or eBay®.

# Serial Port Mapping

UART Device Port
USART1 /dev/ttyS0 RC
USART2 /dev/ttyS1 TELEM1
USART3 /dev/ttyS2 TELEM2
UART4 /dev/ttyS3 GPS1
USART6 /dev/ttyS4 ?
UART7 /dev/ttyS5 Debug Console
UART8 /dev/ttyS6 ?

# Support

Please visit http://www.mindpx.org for more information. Or you can send email to support@mindpx.net for any inquiries or help.