# Pixhack V3


PX4 does not manufacture this (or any) autopilot. Contact the manufacturer (opens new window) for hardware support or compliance issues.

The CUAV Pixhack V3 flight controller board is a flexible autopilot intended primarily for manufacturers of commercial systems.

The board is a variant of the SOLO Pixhawk® 2 (PH2) flight controller, which is in turn based on the Pixhawk-project (opens new window) FMUv3 open hardware design. It runs PX4 on the NuttX (opens new window) OS, and is fully compatible with both PX4 or ArduPilot® (APM) firmware.

Pixhack V3 has significant improvements with respect to the original design, including better interface layout and the addition of vibration damping and a thermostat system.

Pixhack v3


This flight controller is manufacturer supported.

# Quick Summary

  • Microprocessor:
    • STM32F427
    • STM32F100 (Failsafe co-processor)
  • Sensors:
    • Accelerometers (3): LS303D, MPU6000, MPU9250/hmc5983
    • Gyroscopes (3): L3GD20, MPU6000, MPU9250
    • Compass (2): LS303D, MPU9250
    • Barometer (2): MS5611 X2
  • Interfaces:
    • MAVLink UART (2)
    • GPS UART (2)
    • DEBUG UART (1)
    • RC IN (for PPM, SBUS, DSM/DSM2)
    • RSSI IN: PWM OR 3.3ADC
    • I2C (2)
    • CAN BUS (1)
    • ADC IN: 3.3V X1 , 6.6V X1
    • PWM OUT: 8 PWM IO + 4 IO
  • Power System:
    • PM POWER IN: 4.5 ~ 5.5 V
    • USB POWER IN: 5.0 V +- 0.25v
  • Weight and Dimensions:
    • Weight: 63g
    • Width: 68mm
    • Thickness: 17mm
    • Length: 44mm
  • Other Characteristics:
    • Operating temperature: -20 ~ 60°C

# Availability

The board can be purchased from:

# Building Firmware


Most users will not need to build this firmware! It is pre-built and automatically installed by QGroundControl when appropriate hardware is connected.

To build PX4 for this target:

make px4_fmu-v3_default

# Pinouts and Schematics

# Serial Port Mapping

UART Device Port
UART1 /dev/ttyS0 IO debug
USART2 /dev/ttyS1 TELEM1 (flow control)
USART3 /dev/ttyS2 TELEM2 (flow control)