Pixracer Wiring Quick Start

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This quick start guide shows how to power the Pixracer flight controller and connect its most important peripherals.

Wiring Guides

Grau pixracer double

Main Setup

Grau setup pixracer top

Grau setup pixracer bottom

Radio/Remote Control

A remote control (RC) radio system is required if you want to manually control your vehicle (PX4 does not require a radio system for autonomous flight modes).

You will need to select a compatible transmitter/receiver and then bind them so that they communicate (read the instructions that come with your specific transmitter/receiver).

The instructions below show how to connect the different types of receivers:

  • FrSky receivers connect via the port shown, and can use the provided I/O Connector.

    Grau b Pixracer FrSkyS.Port Connection

    Pixracer FrSkyS.Port Connection

  • PPM-SUM and S.BUS receivers connect to the RCIN port.

    Radio Connection

  • PPM and PWM receivers that have an individual wire for each channel must connect to the RCIN port via a PPM encoder like this one (PPM-Sum receivers use a single signal wire for all channels).

Power Module (ACSP4)

Grau ACSP4 2 roh

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