LeddarOne Lidar

LeddarOne is small Lidar module with a narrow, yet diffuse beam that offers excellent overall detection range and performance, in a robust, reliable, cost-effective package. It has a sensing range from 1cm to 40m and needs to be connected to a UART/serial bus.

LeddarOne Lidar rangefinder

Hardware Setup

LeddarOne can be connected to any unused serial port (UART), e.g.: TELEM2, TELEM3, GPS2 etc.

Build a cable following your board and pinout and LeddarOne pinout (shown below). You only will need to connect 5V, TX, RX and GND pins.

Pin LeddarOne
2 -
4 RX
5 TX
6 -

Parameter Setup

Configure the serial port on which the lidar will run using SENS_LEDDAR1_CFG. There is no need to set the baud rate for the port, as this is configured by the driver.

If the configuration parameter is not available in QGroundControl then you may need to add the driver to the firmware:


Further Information

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