TeraRanger Rangefinders

TeraRanger provide a number of lightweight distance measurement sensor based on infrared Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology. They are typically faster and have greater range than sonar, and smaller and lighter than laser-based systems.

PX4 supports:

The Terranger One is used in the Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight.

Where to Buy

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All TeraRanger sensors must be connected via the I2C bus.

While TeraRanger One requires an I2C adapter any sensor from TeraRanger Evo series can be connected directly to the autopilot.

Software Configuration

The sensors are enabled using the parameter SENS_EN_TRANGER (you can set the type of sensor or that PX4 should auto-detect the type).

If using auto-detect for Evo sensors the minimum and maximum values for the range are set to the lowest and highest possible readings across the Evo family (currently 0.5 - 60 m). In order to use the correct max/min values the appropriate model of the Evo sensor should be set in the parameter (instead of using autodetect).

Tip The driver for this rangefinder is usually present in firmware. If missing, you would also need to add the driver (drivers/ll40ls) to the board configuration.

Further Information

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