NanoMind 110

nanomind 11


Nano size (110mm diagonal) ready-to-fly quad copter for indoor flight/racing. NanoMind uses MindRacer as flight controller, which runs full PX4/MindPX flight stack.


  1. 36g empty weight, with maximum 80g take-off Weight, heavy lifter.
  2. 6~7 minutes flight time.
  3. built-in options for PPM/S.Bus/Specktrum DSM receiver.
  4. Soldering-free, fully stackable structure with SEP/WEP sockets for easy stacking and functional expansion.

User Guide

The user guide is here.

Flight video

Where to buy

NanoMind 110 is available at AirMind® Store. You can also find MindRacer at Amazon® or eBay®.


Please visit for more information. Or you can send email to for any inquiries or help.

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