RDDRONE-FMUK66 FMU is a reference design using NXP Semiconductor components that closely follows Pixhawk FMUv4 specifications while adding two wire automotive Ethernet 100BASET1 and secure element A71CH (RevC) or SE050 (RevD). NXP provides the schematics, gerbers, BOM and source files so that anyone can duplicate, change or repurpose this design.

This is the official FMU for use with HoverGames.



The NXP FMU and included peripherals have been tested to comply with FCC/CE/RoHs/REACH directives.

These flight controllers are manufacturer supported.

Quick Summary

  • Main FMU Processor:
    • Kinetis K66 MK66FN2MOVLQ18 microcontroller running at 180MHz Cortex-M4F MCU, 2MB Flash, 256KB SRAM, Dual USBs (FS + HS), Ethernet, 144-LQFP.
  • On-board sensors:
    • Accel/Gyro: BMI088/ICM42688 (RevD)...
    • Accel/Magnetometer: FXOS8700CQ
    • Gyro: FXAS21002CQ
    • Magnetometer: BMM150
    • Barometer: ML3115A2
    • Barometer: BMP280
  • GPS:
    • ublox Neo-M8N GPS/GLONASS receiver; integrated magnetometer IST8310

This FMU is provided only as a kit, and includes Segger Jlink EDU mini debugger, DCD-LZ debugger adapter, USB-TTL-3V3 console cable, HolyBro GPS module, battery power module, SDCard and case, screws and stickers. Telemetry radios (HGD-TELEM433 and HGD-TELEM915) must be purchased separately to match ISM band frequencies used in your country.


A "Lite" version RDDRONE-FMUK66L is also available which does not include the power module, GPS, Jlink or USB-TTL-3V3 console cable or SDCard.Scroll down to see FMUK66L in the buy section of the FMUK66 buy page

Additional information can be found in the Technical Data Sheet.


RDDRONE-FMUK66 reference design kit may be purchased direct from NXP or from any of NXP's authorised worldwide network of electronics distributors.

RDDRONE-FMUK66 FMU is also included in the complete HoverGames drone kit: KIT-HGDRONEK66



Building Firmware

Most users will not need to build this firmware! It is pre-built and automatically installed by QGroundControl when appropriate hardware is connected.

To build PX4 for this target:

make nxp_fmuk66-v3_default

Debug Port

The PX4 System Console and the SWD interface run on the DCD-LZ FMU Debug port.

NXP's DCD-LZ is a 7 pin JST-GH connector and adds the nRST/MCU_RESET pin to the Pixhawk 6-Pin standard debug port.

The DCD-LZ breakout adapter permits the use of a standard 10 pin JTAG/SWD interface (i.e. using the Segger Jlink) and a standard 5 pin FTDI USB-TTL-3V3 type cable.

Supported Platforms / Airframes

Any multicopter / airplane / rover or boat that can be controlled with normal RC servos or Futaba S-Bus servos. The complete set of supported configurations can be seen in the Airframes Reference.

HoverGames Drone Kit

The NXP HoverGames Drone Kit (shown above) is a complete drone development kit that includes everything needed to build a quadcopter. You only need to supply the 3S/4S LiPo battery.

Further info

  • HoverGames online documentation PX4 user and programming guide, specific assembly, construction, debugging, programming instructions.

  • 3DModels supporting HoverGames and RDDRONE-FMUK66 can be found on Thingiverse at these search links: fmuk66, hovergames.


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