Holybro Kopis 2

The Holybro Kopis 2 is a ready-to-fly racer quad for flying FPV or line-of-sight.

Kopis 2

Where to Buy

The Kopis 2 can be bought from a number of vendors, including:

In addition you will need:

  • An RC transmitter. The Kopis 2 can ship with an FrSky receiver or no receiver at all.
  • LiPo battery and charger.
  • FPV goggles if you want to fly FPV. There are many compatible options, including these ones from Fatshark.

    FPV support is completely independent of PX4/flight controller.

Flashing PX4 Bootloader

The Kopis 2 comes preinstalled with Betaflight.

Before loading PX4 firmware you must first install the PX4 bootloader. Instructions for installing the bootloader can be found in the Kakute F7 topic (this is the flight controller board on the Kopis 2).

You can always reinstall Betaflight later if you want!


Once the bootloader is installed, you should be able to connect the vehicle to QGroundControl via a USB cable.

At time of writing Kopis 2 is supported on the QGroundControl Daily Build, and prebuilt firmware is provided for the master branch only (stable releases are not yet available).

To install and configure PX4:

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