Pomegranate Systems Power Module

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Digital Power Module with high resolution current integration, 5V/2A supply with power monitoring, single UAVCAN v0 CANbus interface, and an RGB status LED.

Detailed setup, configuration, and troubleshooting information can be found on the manufacturer's device home page.


  • Input Voltage: 6-26V (2-6S)
  • Max Continuous Current:
    • Benchtop: 40A
    • Forced Cooling: 100A
  • Max 5V Output Current: 2A
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.04 ΔV
  • Current Resolution:
    • Primary / Battery Bus: 0.02 ΔA
    • 5V bus: 0.001 ΔA
  • CANbus Termination: Electronic (on by default)
  • MCU: STM32 F302K8U
  • Firmware: Open Source
  • Electrical Interface:
    • Power: Solder pads or XT60PW (right angle, board-mounted connectors)
    • CANbus Dual JST GH-4 (standard UAVCAN micro-connector)
    • I2C / Serial: JST GH-5
    • 5V Output: Solder pads or CANbus / I2C connectors
  • Device Mass:
    • Without Connectors: 9g
    • With XT60PW Connectors: 16g



  1. Enable UAVCAN by setting the UAVCAN_ENABLE parameter to 2 (Sensors Automatic Config) or 3.
  2. Set the following module parameters using the Mavlink console:
    • Battery capacity in mAh: battery_capacity_mAh
    • Battery voltage when full: battery_full_V,
    • Battery voltage when empty: battery_empty_V
    • Turn on current integration: enable_current_track
    • (optional) Turn Off CANbus termination resistor :enable_can_term

Example: A Power Module with UAVCAN node id 125 connected to a 3S LiPo with capacity of 5000mAh can be configured with the following commands:

uavcan param set 125 battery_capacity_mAh 5000
uavcan param set 125 battery_full_V 12.5
uavcan param set 125 battery_empty_V 11.2
uavcan param set 125 enable_current_track 1
uavcan param save 125

See device configuration page for a full list of parameters.

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