Aerotenna OcPoC-Zynq Mini Flight Controller

PX4 support for this flight controller is experimental.

The OcPoC-Zynq Mini is a FPGA+ARM SoC based flight control platform.

OcPoC-Zynq's enhanced I/O flexibility and increased processing power makes it a great solution for commercial UAS developers and researchers. The FPGA's I/O flexibility allows for rapid sensor integration and customization of the flight controller hardware, allowing for capabilities such as triple redundancy in GPS, magnetometers, and IMUs. OcPoC-Zynq maintains also lightweight, compact footprint, leaving more space and weight on the airframe for sensor and peripheral expansion.

Main documentation is available on Aerotenna's User Hub for hardware setup, FAQs, and various tutorials including FPGA and kernel development.


Quick Summary

  • Main FPGA+ARM System-on-Chip: Xilinx Zynq Z-7010
    • CPU: 667 MHz Dual-Core ARM A9
    • FPGA: Artix®-7 with 28K Logic Cells
    • RAM: 512 MB DDR3
    • Flash: 128 MB
    • SD Card: 16 GB
  • IMU: 2x MPU9250 9-DOF
  • Baro: 1x MS5611
  • Power: 5-30 VDC
    • OcPoC regulates internally to 5V
    • 2S-6S LiPo battery is typical power source on airframe
    • For bench testing, the console "USB1" port supplies 5V
  • 16x Programmable 3-pin GPIOs
  • 10x Programmable I/Os on JST-GH connectors supporting the following interfaces:
    • I2C
    • USB-OTG
    • USB-UART
    • SPI
    • CSI
    • GSI
    • CAN
  • Availability: Ainstein Store

Pinouts and SD Card Setup

Pinouts for the default OcPoC-Zynq configuration and full step-by-step instructions for first time setup are available on Aerotenna's User Hub.

Building PX4 for OcPoC-Zynq

After setting up the PX4 development environment and cloning the PX4 Firmware, you can build PX4 for OcPoC-Zynq with the following commands (for Aerotenna's default ubuntu-armhf root file system):

make aerotenna_ocpoc_ubuntu

See the user hub page PX4 on OcPoC Zynq Mini for full step-by-step instructions for first time setup of PX4 on OcPoC-Zynq.

At the present time PX4 firmware must be built from source as no pre-built binaries for OcPoC-Zynq are supplied through QGroundControl.

© PX4 Dev Team. License: CC BY 4.0            Updated: 2024-02-13 22:49:01

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