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uORB Publication/Subscription Graph

This page provides a uORB publication/subscription graph that shows the communication between modules. It is based on information that is extracted directly from the source code. Usage instructions are provided below.

Graph Properties

The graph has the following properties:

  • Modules are shown in gray with rounded corners while topics are displayed as coloured rectangular boxes.
  • Associated modules and topics are connected by lines. Dashed lines indicate that the module publishes the topic, solid lines indicate that the module subscribes to the topic, while dot-dashed lines indicate that the module both publishes and subscribes to the topic.
  • Some modules and topics are excluded:
    • Topics that are subscribed/published by many modules: parameter_update, mavlink_log and log_message.
    • The set of logged topics.
    • Topics that have no subscriber or no publisher.
    • Modules in src/examples.
  • Hovering over a module/topic highlights all its connections.
  • Double-clicking on a topic opens its message definition.
  • Make sure your browser window is wide enough to display the full graph (the sidebar menu can be hidden with the icon in the top-left corner). You can also zoom the image.
  • The Preset selection list allows you to refine the list of modules that are shown.
  • The Search box can be used to find particular modules/topics (topics that are not selected by the search are greyed-out).