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Community Supported Simulators

This section contains information about community-supported simulations


These simulators are not maintained, tested, or supported, by the core development team. They may or may not work with current versions of PX4.

See Toolchain Installation for information about the environments and tools supported by the core development team.

The tools have variable levels of support from their communities (some are well supported and others are not). Questions about these tools should be raised on the discussion forums


A simulator that provides physically and visually realistic simulations. In particular it can simulate many weather conditions, including thunderstorms, snow, rain and hail, and can also simulate thermals and different types of atmospheric flows. Multi-vehicle simulation is also supported.

Supported Vehicles: Plane, Autogyro, Rover


A simple multirotor/quad simulator. This was previously part of the PX4 development toolchain but was removed in favour of Gazebo.

Supported Vehicles: Quad


A simulator that provides advanced flight dynamics models. This can be used to model realistic flight dynamics based on wind tunnel data.

Supported Vehicles: Plane, Quad, Hex


A cross platform simulator that provides physically and visually realistic simulations. This simulator is resource intensive, and requires a very significantly more powerful computer than the other simulators described here.

Supported Vehicles: Iris (MultiRotor model and a configuration for PX4 QuadRotor in the X configuration).

Simulation-In-Hardware (SIH)

An alternative to HITL that offers a hard real-time simulation directly on the hardware autopilot. This simulator is implemented in C++ as a PX4 module directly in the Firmware code.

Supported Vehicles: Plane, Quad, Tailsitter