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BatteryStatus (UORB message)

source file

uint64 timestamp			# time since system start (microseconds)
bool connected				# Whether or not a battery is connected, based on a voltage threshold
float32 voltage_v			# Battery voltage in volts, 0 if unknown
float32 current_a			# Battery current in amperes, -1 if unknown
float32 current_average_a	# Battery current average in amperes (for FW average in level flight), -1 if unknown
float32 discharged_mah		# Discharged amount in mAh, -1 if unknown
float32 remaining			# From 1 to 0, -1 if unknown
float32 scale				# Power scaling factor, >= 1, or -1 if unknown
float32 time_remaining_s	# predicted time in seconds remaining until battery is empty under previous averaged load, NAN if unknown
float32 temperature			# temperature of the battery. NaN if unknown
uint8 cell_count			# Number of cells, 0 if unknown

uint8 source				# Battery source
uint8 priority				# Zero based priority is the connection on the Power Controller V1..Vn AKA BrickN-1
uint16 capacity				# actual capacity of the battery
uint16 cycle_count			# number of discharge cycles the battery has experienced
uint16 average_time_to_empty	# predicted remaining battery capacity based on the average rate of discharge in min
uint16 serial_number		# serial number of the battery pack
uint16 manufacture_date		# manufacture date, part of serial number of the battery pack. Formatted as: Day + Month×32 + (Year–1980512
uint16 state_of_health		# state of health. FullChargeCapacity/DesignCapacity, 0-100%.
uint16 max_error			# max error, expected margin of error in % in the state-of-charge calculation with a range of 1 to 100%
uint8 id					# ID number of a battery. Should be unique and consistent for the lifetime of a vehicle. 1-indexed.
uint16 interface_error		# interface error counter

float32[14] voltage_cell_v		# Battery individual cell voltages, 0 if unknown
float32 max_cell_voltage_delta	# Max difference between individual cell voltages

bool is_powering_off			# Power off event imminent indication, false if unknown
bool is_required			# Set if the battery is explicitly required before arming

uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_NONE = 0		# no battery low voltage warning active
uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_LOW = 1		# warning of low voltage
uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_CRITICAL = 2	# critical voltage, return / abort immediately
uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_EMERGENCY = 3	# immediate landing required
uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_FAILED = 4	# the battery has failed completely
uint8 BATTERY_STATE_UNHEALTHY = 6 # Battery is diagnosed to be defective or an error occurred, usage is discouraged / prohibited. Possible causes (faults) are listed in faults field.
uint8 BATTERY_STATE_CHARGING = 7 # Battery is charging

uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_DEEP_DISCHARGE = 0 # Battery has deep discharged
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_SPIKES = 1 # Voltage spikes
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_CELL_FAIL= 2 # One or more cells have failed
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_OVER_CURRENT = 3 # Over-current
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_OVER_TEMPERATURE = 4 # Over-temperature
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_UNDER_TEMPERATURE = 5 # Under-temperature fault
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_VOLTAGE = 6 # Vehicle voltage is not compatible with battery one
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_FIRMWARE = 7 # Battery firmware is not compatible with current autopilot firmware
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_INCOMPATIBLE_MODEL = 8 # Battery model is not supported by the system
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_HARDWARE_FAILURE = 9 # hardware problem
uint8 BATTERY_WARNING_OVER_TEMPERATURE = 10 # Over-temperature
uint8 BATTERY_FAULT_COUNT = 11 # Counter - keep it as last element!

uint16 faults		# Smart battery supply status/fault flags (bitmask) for health indication.
uint32 custom_faults 	# Bitmask indicating smart battery internal manufacturer faults, those are not user actionable.
uint8 warning		# Current battery warning
uint8 mode 		# Battery mode. Note, the normal operation mode

uint8 BATTERY_MODE_UNKNOWN = 0 # Battery does not support a mode, or if it does, is operational
uint8 BATTERY_MODE_AUTO_DISCHARGING = 1 # Battery is auto discharging (towards storage level)
uint8 BATTERY_MODE_HOT_SWAP = 2 # Battery in hot-swap mode
uint8 BATTERY_MODE_COUNT = 3 # Counter - keep it as last element (once we're fully migrated to events interface we can just comment this)!


float32 full_charge_capacity_wh     # The compensated battery capacity
float32 remaining_capacity_wh       # The compensated battery capacity remaining
uint16 over_discharge_count         # Number of battery overdischarge
float32 nominal_voltage             # Nominal voltage of the battery pack

float32 internal_resistance_estimate            # [Ohm] Internal resistance per cell estimate
float32 ocv_estimate                            # [V] Open circuit voltage estimate
float32 ocv_estimate_filtered			# [V] Filtered open circuit voltage estimate
float32 volt_based_soc_estimate			# [0, 1] Normalized volt based state of charge estimate
float32 voltage_prediction			# [V] Predicted voltage
float32 prediction_error                        # [V] Prediction error
float32 estimation_covariance_norm		# Norm of the covariance matrix