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BlueROV2 (UUV)

PX4 v1.12

The BlueROV2 is an affordable high-performance underwater vehicle that is perfect for inspections, research, and adventuring.

PX4 provides experimental support for an 8-thrust vectored configuration, known as the BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration.


Where to Buy

BlueROV2 + BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit

Motor Mapping/Wiring

The motors must be wired to the flight controller following the standard instructions supplied by BlueRobotics for this vehicle .

The vehicle will then match the configuration documented in the Airframe Reference:

  • MAIN1: motor 1 CCW, bow starboard horizontal, , propeller CCW
  • MAIN2: motor 2 CCW, bow port horizontal, propeller CCW
  • MAIN3: motor 3 CCW, stern starboard horizontal, propeller CW
  • MAIN4: motor 4 CCW, stern port horizontal, propeller CW
  • MAIN5: motor 5 CCW, bow starboard vertical, propeller CCW
  • MAIN6: motor 6 CCW, bow port vertical, propeller CW
  • MAIN7: motor 7 CCW, stern starboard vertical, propeller CW
  • MAIN8: motor 8 CCW, stern port vertical, propeller CCW

Airframe Configuration

BlueROV2 does not come with PX4 installed. You will need to:

  1. Install PX4 Firmware
  2. Set the Airframe. You will need to select the "BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration" as shown: QGC - select airframe for BlueROV2 Heay configuration