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Hold Mode (Fixed-Wing)

The Hold flight mode causes the vehicle to loiter (circle) around its current GPS position and maintain its current altitude.


Hold mode can be used to pause a mission or to help you regain control of a vehicle in an emergency. It is usually activated with a pre-programmed switch.


  • Mode is automatic - no user intervention is required to control the vehicle.
  • Mode requires a global 3d position estimate (from GPS or inferred from a local position).
    • Flying vehicles can't switch to this mode without global position.
    • Flying vehicles will failsafe if they lose the position estimate.
    • Disarmed vehicles can switch to mode without valid position estimate but can't arm.
  • Mode requires wind and flight time are within allowed limits (specified via parameters).
  • RC control switches can be used to change flight modes on any vehicle.
  • RC stick movement is ignored.

Technical Summary

The aircraft circles around the GPS hold position at the current altitude. The vehicle will first ascend to NAV_MIN_LTR_ALT if the mode is engaged below this altitude.

RC stick movement is ignored.


Hold mode behaviour can be configured using the parameters below.

NAV_LOITER_RADThe radius of the loiter circle.
NAV_MIN_LTR_ALTMinimum height for loiter mode (vehicle will ascend to this altitude if mode is engaged at a lower altitude).

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