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VehicleRatesSetpoint (UORB message)

source file

uint64 timestamp	# time since system start (microseconds)

# body angular rates in FRD frame
float32 roll		# [rad/s] roll rate setpoint
float32 pitch		# [rad/s] pitch rate setpoint
float32 yaw		# [rad/s] yaw rate setpoint

# For clarification: For multicopters thrust_body[0] and thrust[1] are usually 0 and thrust[2] is the negative throttle demand.
# For fixed wings thrust_x is the throttle demand and thrust_y, thrust_z will usually be zero.
float32[3] thrust_body	# Normalized thrust command in body NED frame [-1,1]

bool reset_integral # Reset roll/pitch/yaw integrals (navigation logic change)