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Airspeed Calibration

Airspeed sensors are highly recommended for Fixed-wing and VTOL vehicles.


Unlike most other sensor drivers, the airspeed sensor drivers are not automatically started. Before calibration they must be enabled via the corresponding parameter:


To calibrate the airspeed sensor:

  1. Start QGroundControl and connect the vehicle.

  2. Enable the airspeed sensors if not already done (as in warning above).

  3. Select "Q" icon > Vehicle Setup > Sensors (sidebar) to open Sensor Setup.

  4. Click the Airspeed sensor button.

    Airspeed calibration

  5. Shield the sensor from the wind (i.e. cup it with your hand). Take care not to block any of its holes.

  6. Click OK to start the calibration.

  7. Once asked for, blow into the tip of the pitot tube to signal the end of calibration.


Blowing into the tube is also a basic check that the dynamic and static ports are installed correctly. If they are swapped then the sensor will read a large negative differential pressure when you blow into the tube, and the calibration will abort with an error. :::

  1. QGroundControl then tells you if the calibration was successful or not.

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