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mRo Control Zero F7 Flight Controller

PX4 does not manufacture this (or any) autopilot. Contact the manufacturer for hardware support or compliance issues.

The mRo Control Zero F7® is a new flight controller from mRo.

mRo Control Zero F7

It is a no-compromise triple IMU commercial grade flight controller. It includes 8x PWM outputs (DShot capable), 3x IMUs, 1x Magnetometer, 1x Barometric Pressure Sensor (Altimeter), 6x UART, and SD Card, all packed into a 32mm x 20mm PCB. The PWMs are bidirectional, EMI protected, and level shifted to 5V logic levels. All accessed using front and rear 30pin Molex PicoClasp connectors. A durable plastic case, conformal board coating, and optional temperature calibration included.

This flight controller is manufacturer supported.


  • 微处理器:

    • 32-bit STM32F777 Cortex® M4 core with FPU rev. 3
    • 216 MHz/512 KB RAM/2 MB Flash
    • F-RAM Cypress MF25V02-G 256-Kbit nonvolatile memory (Flash memory that performs as fast as RAM)
  • 传感器:

  • 接口:

    • 6x UART (serial ports total), 3x with HW flow control, 1x FRSky Telemetry (D or X types), 1x Console and 1x GPS+I2C
    • 8x PWM outputs (all DShot capable)
    • 1x CAN
    • 1x I2C
    • 1x SPI
    • Spektrum DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X® Satellite compatible input and binding
    • Futaba S.BUS® & S.BUS2® compatible input
    • FRSky Telemetry port output
    • Graupner SUMD
    • Yuneec ST24
    • PPM sum input signal
    • 1x JTAG (TC2030 Connector)
    • 1x RSSI (PWM or voltage) input
    • Tricolor LED
  • Weight and Dimensions (Uncased):

    • Weight: 5.3g (0.19oz)
    • Width: 20mm (0.79")
    • Length: 32mm (1.26")
  • 电源系统

    • 3x Ultra low noise LDO voltage regulator

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Most users will not need to build this firmware! It is pre-built and automatically installed by QGroundControl when appropriate hardware is connected.

To build PX4 for this target:

make mro_ctrl-zero-f7

Debug Ports

Console Port

The PX4 System Console runs on USART7 using the pins listed below. This is a standard serial pinout, designed to connect to a 3.3V FTDI cable (5V tolerant).

mRo control zero f7FTDI
17USART7 Tx5
19USART7 Rx4

SWD Port

The SWD port (JTAG) for FMU debugging is a TC2030 debug connector, as shown below.

mro swd port

You can use the Tag Connect cable TC2030 IDC NL below (with associated retaining clip) to attach to either a BlackMagic probe or a ST-LINK V2 debugger.

tc2030 idc nl cable

There is also an ARM20-CTX 20-Pin to TC2030-IDC adapter that can be used with other debug probes.


mRo Control Zero F7

Serial Port Mapping

USART2/dev/ttyS0TELEM1 (flow control)
USART3/dev/ttyS1TELEM2 (flow control)
USART6/dev/ttyS3Flex port (can be configured as SPI or UART with Flow Control).
UART8/dev/ttyS5Free serial port (typically for FrSky telemetry)